I have at lot of pimples around the top of my arms and on my back which tend to leave scars behind. What can I do to prevent them?


The tiny pimples you are experiencing are usually caused by a build up or keratiniziation of skin cells. The top of the arms and back are two areas which area often neglected when it comes to scrubbing and moisturizing - this can lead to a thickening of skin cells which in turn can cause skin to break out. A thorough exfoliation of the area with a loofah sponge, followed by a deep, penetrating moisturizer should help clear up the problem. If you notice the area is red and irritated consult with a dermatologist - you may have a skin condition that needs medical attention.


How to get rid of blackheads?


Blackheads are pores that become clogged due to excess oils. Regular facials and deep exfoliation treatments will thoroughly cleanse skin and shrink blackheads. You can also use makeup to help camouflage blackheads. Use concealer on the areas you notice most, then apply foundation and finish with a light dusting of loose powder. Our website offers vast collection of Deep Cleansers and Exfoliators which are the best way to remove Blackheads (More Info )


I moisturize my skin daily, but I still get dry patches of skin on my face What can I do to solve this problem?


You have to moisturize your face regularly and you should also exfoliate to get rid of the dry skin. As well as a maintaining a regular at home cleansing regime, we also recommend you receive regular facials to help ensure dryness does not resurface. Also, drink at least eight full glasses of water a day-it hydrates and moisturizes skin, from the inside out! 


My sensitive skin will not tolerate waxing, especially around the bikini line, so I am considering electrolysis. Is this an option for my skin type?


If you're skin is extremely sensitive to waxing, electrolysis is definitely not the answer for you. Electrolysis would only further irritate your skin . We recommend you visit a salon in your area for a consultation with a trained professional who will access the level of your skin's sensitivity, and will advise you as to which method would work best for your skin type. 


I have been having a 30-50 per cent Alpha Hydroxy peel done about every three weeks for the past year and My skin has recently become dry and rough. Is it possible that I have had too many peels?


It is possible you have had too many treatments especially if you have been having 50 per cent Alpha Hydroxy peels. If your skin has a rough appearance to it the best thing you could do would be to stop the peels for a while. If you do wish to continue with them, be sure to allow at least four weeks from one treatment to the next. Beauty Store Tip: Any Alpha Hydroxy peels containing anything higher than a 30 per cent solution should only be done by a trained physician. 


I have terrible eczema on my hands - the skin on my fingers is peeling to the point where I am bleeding. I have been to a dermatologist and have tried numerous home and herbal remedies to no avail. Any ideas?


One of the causes of eczema is a lack or loss of moisture in the skin. The best thing you can do to treat it is visit a dermatologist who will prescribe a medicated creme or lotion to you. If the doctor does not prescribe anything to you, make sure you keep the affected area as dry as possible. Try to keep any moisture away from the eczema - it will only further aggravate skin . Beauty Store Tip: To help treat and protect hands over night, apply a silicone creme before you go to bed and sleep with cotton gloves on. 


How does smoking affect my skin?


Once nicotine enters the body, blood vessels become dehydrated, and blood and lymphatic circulation is drastically reduced. Because the lymph is not circulating properly, the body is not being cleansed of toxic waste. As these toxins accumulate, they begin destroying the body's natural vitamins and minerals, such as iron and vitamins B and C. Once these nutrients are destroyed, the skin reflects this internal damage: in addition to becoming extremely dry, the skin loses muscle tone, elasticity and vitality.


When the skin reaches this point, intensive cleansing and hydration treatments are a must. Treating the skin with an enzyme mask containing vitamins and natural cleansers, such as oatmeal, pineapple and papaya extract, feeds the face and cleanses away toxins, leaving skin both nourished and refreshed. Before applying the mask, gently massage the face with essential oils to help relax the skin and promote deeper penetration of the nutrients.


To further revitalize skin, we recommend applying a concentrated, topical vitamin C complex. When used daily under moisturizer, this super-concentrated booster helps hydrate, oxygenate and brighten skin, and smooth fine lines. Vitamin C is the best thing smokers can use on their skin - It's the most powerful product on the market today to help fight and prevent the signs of aging.



What is laser hair removal all about?


Laser hair removal is a hot topic of conversation these days. Prior to the laser procedure, the hair is waxed from the desired area, then a black, carbon solution is rubbed into the skin, penetrating the freshly waxed hair follicles and producing a deeper hue. Drawn to the darkest areas, the color-sensitive laser beam releases a ruby red light, destroying the hair follicle. Following the treatment, which takes two hours for the lower legs, a toning solution is applied to the skin, and clients are advised to keep out of the sun for a minimum of 24 hours.

Since lasers are only effective in destroying hair in the anagen or initial growth stage, it requires more than one treatment to annihilate all of the follicles. It is recommended clients book a series of three treatments over a 12 month period. Upon completion, the hair will be dramatically retarded, but may resurface. The volume of hair is definitely diminished, but results may not be permanent. Prices for one series of three treatments range from $925 for the upper lip area to $1,100 for the bikini line and $1,525 for the lower leg. Beauty Store Tip: For a less expensive and more permanent solution use Kalo Hair Inhibitor.



What are the correct methods for a man to shave his face without irritation?

Wet System:


1. Always shower first, then shave. While in the shower, use a foaming gel wash or bar cleanser with a natural bristle brush to cleanse the skin and help lift any ingrown hairs.

2. Out of the shower, warm the razor blade under hot water.

3. Apply moisturizer lightly over the beard area for lubrication and to buffer the skin from shaving cream, which is alkaline and often contains chemicals to soften the hair structure.

4. Apply shaving cream, using the natural bristle brush to work up a foam.

5. Shave, taking care not to press too hard. Use both hands, one stretching the skin, the other holding the blade.
6. Rinse with plenty of water and foaming wash.

7. Spritz with alcohol-free toner, then apply after shave soother to sooth the skin irritation and reduce redness and blotchiness.
Note: Men using an acid-based cleansing gel or bar in lieu of shaving cream can eliminate the buffer in step three.


Dry Electric System:


1. Use a foaming gel wash or bar cleanser with a natural bristle brush to cleanse the skin. Apply scrub, massaging it well over the face and throat for one minute, rinse well and dry.

2. Apply an oil-free lotion for "easy glide."

3. Shave with an electric shaver.


4. Spritz with after-shave tonic.

5. Apply soother and oil-free comfort lotion


Can sea salt actually be a good skin exfoliant?


"Sea salt scrubs not only remove the outer layer of dead skin from the body, but they also stimulate circulation, and help firm and tone the skin. The treatment is fairly rigorous, and is not recommended for pregnant women or for people with high blood pressure, because the salt can be absorbed through the skin into the bloodstream.


Prior to the salt rub, you are sprayed with a high pressure Scotch hose to wet the body and massage the spine, shoulders and limbs. Lying on your stomach on a treatment table, a mixture of dead sea salts, natural minerals and aromas is rubbed across your legs, arms and back, then vigorously scrubbed in with an exfoliating brush. Once the salt is rinsed off with a warm water brush, the process is repeated on the front of the body.


The treatment concludes with a relaxing rinse under a Vichy shower, followed by a soothing massage of hydrating lotion and essential oils. Immediately following the treatment, you must drink plenty of water to hydrate body and skin.


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