The Dead Sea (Hebrew: Yam Ha-melah, "The Salt Sea") is a unique body of water between Israel and Jordan. Situated at the lowest point on earth (some 423 meters, or 1,388 feet below sea level), the sea is 377 meters (1,237 feet) deep, making it the deepest hypersaline lake on earth. It is also one of the world's saltiest bodies of water, with a salinity level of 33.7% (8.6 times saltier than an ocean). All this means that no living creatures other than microscopic organisms can live in the Dead Sea (hence its other Hebrew name, "The Sea of Death"), but it also means that the sea is an amazing wellspring of health and beauty benefits – and it has been so for thousands of years.


Since biblical times, the Dead Sea has been known as an incomparable haven for rest and relaxation. Two of its most prominent visitors in those days were King David and Herod the Great. Like the countless others who have been fortunate enough to experience this special sea, those two gentlemen immersed themselves in the soothing therapeutic waters and then covered their bodies with the mineral-rich mud. They always left the area feeling fit and totally invigorated. So it's no wonder the Dead Sea is regarded as one of the first, and finest, health resorts on earth.


And speaking of health, the Dead Sea region has become an international research center for health-related problems and treatments. That's because, in addition to the sea itself, the surrounding air is blessed with a very low allergen level, reduced ultraviolet effects from solar radiation, and higher-than-average atmospheric pressure. Each of these characteristics offers specific health benefits, including apparent relief from respiratory problems thanks to the greater atmospheric pressure. From all over the world, people flock to the area to undergo health treatments such as climatotherapy, which harnesses the temperature, humidity, sunshine, barometric pressure and other unique atmospheric properties; heliotherapy, which utilizes the positive effects of the region's solar radiation; and thalassotherapy, which involves immersion into the wondrous waters of the Dead Sea. People also visit the area to be treated for psoriasis, rhinosinusitis and osteoarthritis, among other ailments.


Also since ancient times, the Dead Sea has been an abundant natural source of diverse products. The salts and minerals culled from the sea have been used to produce unique high-quality cosmetics. Exactly what makes Dead Sea cosmetics unique? If you'd like to know, simply go on to the page Why Dead Sea Cosmetics?